Artist Profile: Specs & Veils

Kayf Abdulqadir

Kayf Abdulqadir

Specs and Veils is the dynamic duo of Fartousa Siyad and Kayf Abdulqadir. Both participated in the Adobe Youth Voices project at Rideau High School. Kayf had the opportunity to travel to the US to study and screen her work through this program. After graduation, Kayf and Fartousa decided to continue making videos about their experiences as Somali Canadian young women. Their video 10 Types of Somali Girls went viral globally and drew the attention of mainstream media like CBC Radio (Link to their January 24 2012 Interview). Since this unexpected success, the duo has decided to continue producing comedic videos by and for youth from the Somali diaspora.

Fartousa Siyad

Fartousa Siyad

Check out their latest video Somali Problems on the Specs and Veils YouTube Channel.


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